Oct. 14th, 2013

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...Dear god.

I am so so so damn sorry this has been left blank.  Again.*facepalm*

Um.  My only excuse here is that I work for the Board of Elections and I completely forgot this existed/needed to be filled out over the course of the local election process (which for stretched well into November) and since I migrated almost entirely to AO3/Tumblr, I rarely check here.

There is some good news:  I'm not picky.  I will be happy with anything, because I love the whole gifting deal, and I totally understand about having no prompts to work from or anything.  And I love the thought of someone out there writing something specifically for me.  So don't fret about that. I will be tickled pink just to have a notice "You have a gift!" in my email.

THAT SAID.  If you're like me, and have had writer's block or "WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE" or pretending it doesn't exist, or haven't started for any reason whatsoever, have some additional information:

I am very much a fan of slash, and fairly indiscriminate on pairings.  Het is okay too.  Poly is just dandy.  While there are pairings I prefer/ship, I don't have OTP(s) in any fandom.  Obviously I don't know what fandom(s) you're writing, so in case character requests didn't make preferences obvious:

Voltron:  Keith/Sven, or OT5/OT6 (Sven and/or Allura, take your pick or both), [ETA:  Keith/Lance, I don't know how I forgot my main slash pairing in this fandom other than absolute mortification)
Eureka:  Jack/Nathan
Sky High:  Warren/Will

I have no particular non-canonical ships in Enchantment Emporium, Despicable Me (2), or Galaxy Quest.

Overall, I love fusions with the Sentinel or His Dark Materials (in that everyone has a daemon).  I love fluff and domesticity and hurt/comfort.

Enchantment Emporium:  I'd love to see the fallout from Catherine's manipulation on Michael's relationship.  Or Jack trying to learn/get along in the human world according to human rules.

Despicable Me:  I love the minions.  I love the minions and Dr. Nefario.  Aww, shucks, I love everyone in these movies (except the bad guy).  I'd love to see Gru and Lucy actually go on a date.  And maybe have it be crashed by the girls and/or a minion or three.

Eureka, Galaxy Quest, Voltron, and Sky High I'm actually drawing a blank, other than maybe something holiday themed (I'm Jewish myself, so throwing in some Hannukkah traditions with the Christmas/etc. might be nice, but hey.).  Letters to/from home?  Sharing traditions (I can't imagine Jane Doe doesn't have some...)

...I hope this helps?  A little?  Maybe?

I'm really sorry.


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