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Just some things that haven't come up in OI&E (yet!)
  • Hotch is a pool shark. His main pastime in college was running pool tournaments to raise money for local shelters for battered women and children. He still (rarely) visits a pool hall in a rather shady part of town whenever Haley has an excuse to kick him out of the house for some time of his own.
  • Emily does calligraphy, but the only evidence she ever leaves is a handful of pens in her desk drawer at Quantico.
  • The first weekend the team had off after Lessons Learned, Emily told Hotch she’d be entirely unavailable and drank herself into a stupor. She still doesn’t know for sure whether or not it was Hotch who came to her apartment, put her to bed and cleaned up the mess, but he’s never given her any hint, so she can’t say thank you or get upset about the invasion of privacy.
  • Gideon still keeps in touch with the handful of students who helped keep him sane in The Wisdom of Silence; sometimes he manages to join them for drinks or dinner if he’s not out of town on a case.
  • Hotch goes with Gideon when he does.
  • JJ makes excuses not to go home for the holidays. The team has been unknowingly complicit in this.
  • Elle keeps scrapbooks about the team. It started out as a news feed and printouts in a single binder, but grew too big. Now it’s a team binder, and one for each member individually.
  • Dianna Reid records her storytelling sessions and sends them to Garcia. When they’re complete, Garcia slips carefully labeled CDs to whichever team member(s) needs a pickmeup. Nobody ever says a word about it, but it seems to help, and that’s all that matters.
  • Reid talks Morgan into trying to teach him how to cook, and pretends to very bad at it because he likes it when Morgan’s wrapped around him whispering in his ear, even if it is just trying to make food. Morgan knows damn well Reid can cook, but plays along because he likes being wrapped around Reid.
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