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Somehow that never seems to stop me from writing Voltron: Defender of the Universe slash.

I hate my muse.
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On when, and why, I read graphic porn )
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I can't seem to write just plain smut when I'm, you know, alone in the computer lab, or at home in my bedroom, or whatever.

I can, however, write it in my school notebook while sitting in the middle of class. While surreptitiously trying to figure out if the guys sitting behind me have any chance at all of reading over my shoulder.
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...the warnings.


I'm...not exactly sure what to warn on this. Disturbing imagery? You bet. Non-sexual bloodplay? Er...uh. I don't know. Consensual sort-of...I'm not even going there.*squicks self*

ILF!Genesis: Oh, Goddess, that's just nasty! That wasn't--
Me: Oh, shut up and hand me the brain bleach. *flails around madly*
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I want to write the Instincts!verse Christmas special.

Except that would give away just about everything there is to give away about Instincts!verse.


Me: Genesis?
Genesis: I'm busy.
Me: ::mutters something about preening:: I can see that. Get away from Angeal's mirror, anyways.
Genesis: *glares* The mirror's safe, Angeal's off being all lovey-dovey and concerned....*waves hand*
Me: And Sephiroth...?
Genesis: Is off playing gofer.
Me: *smirks*
Sephiroth: *fumes, hands full of...stuff*


Sep. 30th, 2009 04:05 pm
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::starts working on Apocalypse Now: You're Doing It Wrong, the latest oh-so-not-funny crack!fic in SPN::

I am entirely convinced that SPN is just as crack!tastic as SGA, if not moreso.  It's just crack!tastic in a depressing way, not a funny way.


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