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Title: Secret for a Son
Author: [ profile] thefrogg
Recipient: [ profile] gizmonic
Fandom: Legends of the Fall
Pairing: Tristan/Samuel
Warnings: Incest (nongraphic)
Word Count: 1082
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] help_haiti

It is all written here. )
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This time it's lightning round II, a 300 word ficlet for a $2.99 v-gift!

I'll do six of these.

Fandoms: Avatar, Babylon 5, Criminal Minds, Final Fantasy VII, Sky High, Supernatural, Transformers (2007)

Usual - please no PWPs or non-con. Human/'bot (Transformers) or interspecies (Avatar, B5) are fine.

The official thread is here.

Damn, it's cold in here.
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Okay, well, I guess it's time to do one of these again.

Please note: All fic written for [ profile] help_haiti will only be posted with the recipients' permission.

1. Secret for a Son (Legends of the Fall) - Tristan/Samuel for [ profile] gizmonic : Status - posted
2. Untitled The Four Feathers fic (book 'verse) - Calder/Durrance in Wadi Halfa for [ profile] wolfie_sara : Status - plotbunny; donation confirmed
3. Untitled Criminal Minds fic - Tag to Uncanny Valley, Hotch/Morgan talking about their backgrounds of abuse (preslash) for [profile] mitfordgal : Status - plotbunny; donation confirmed
4a. Untitled Transformers fic - Sam/Bee, Sam freaks out at Bee's use of a hologram for [personal profile] heeroluva : Status - plotbunny; Donation confirmed
4b. A Crash Course in Integrated Teamwork, as written by the Forward Guard Sky High fic - Will/Warren, life after graduation for [personal profile] heeroluva : Status - in progress; Donation confirmed
4c. Untitled Sky High fic - Will/Warren, Layla walks in on Will and Warren for [personal profile] heeroluva : Status - in progress; Donation confirmed
5. Instincts of the Lost and Found (FFVII)
6. A Hell of Our Own Making (SPN) - chapter 6 of the Salt!verse saga

I may offer more words for [ profile] help_haiti's next round of auctions.

Or, I suppose if you have something you're wanting me to take a stab at, willing to donate to get, and isn't going to make me reach for the brain bleach, drop me a comment or a PM and we'll discuss it. I'll see about putting it through as a lightning round offer thing. This offer is good for one-shots only - I am not taking requests for chapters from Of Innocence & Empathy or any other 'verse on my masterlist.


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