Dec. 10th, 2010 12:09 am
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::updates the Of Innocence and Empathy timeline and table of contents and wanders off::

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You guys - those who sent questions, anyhow! - sent in some darn good (and tough!) questions. I'm actually saving a few questions I had some trouble with for various reasons (upcoming stories, etc.), so feel free to ask more questions!

Warning: Crack, meta, etc. Also, not fic, but uh. weird.
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Well, I said maybe I should do it, so here I am, making a list of all the mysteries I've left unsolved in various chapters of the Series That Will Not Leave Me Alone (tm).

Actually, I'm just listing the ones I remember off the top of my head - at least the ones that have been brought up by someone.  I'll leave filling in the blanks to you guys in comments, and I'll just add them to the list. 

Thar be spoilers ahead!  Ye be warned.
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While I SHOULD be studying... )

What about Elle in OI&E? )
Like I need more plotbunnies. )
Oh the horror. Poor poor Reid... )
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So, here I am. )
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Ok, so. I have ideas for a few more chapters, namely Stranger in this World and Earnestly Seeking Wisdom. Stranger is about Derek shopping for stuff for stuff in A Private World, while Earnestly has Emily seeking advice and help from Gideon about what she learned in God's Will in Earnest. Neither of them have been added to the World of... or Timeline posts yet.

I also have A Private World and/or Intimate Knowledge distracting me to no end. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shaddap.::grumble::

With four different stories running rampant through my brain, WHY, oh WHY can't I manage to write anything?


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