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Ok, I did my meta recs list.

Here's my fic recs list, and explanation:

I have two categories of fic rec, and one hybrid.
  1. Fiction rec - a work in particular
  2. Author rec - anything by a particular author
  3. Fiction-by-Author rec - a particular work by a particular author - notable even among an entire library of that author's work. Most of these will have rather in-depth reasons why they should be read.
Again, I'll go ahead and say that not all of my recs here are going to be 'the best of the best' variety. I'm going to be honest with my assessment - they're my opinions, and not everything that's written is going to be exactly to my taste, even though they're listed here.

Rules to rec by:
  1. As with my meta recs, readability, coherence, and technical proficiency count in spades.
    1. The odd typo, transliteration error and homonym mixup are forgivable. I read a lot of fic by English-as-second-language authors, and some things don't translate easily.
    2. Any fic good enough to make me MISS the errors probably belongs on this page somewhere. Because it's damn hard to get those past me. (Most published authors can't.)
  2. They are very likely to hit my story kinks (not sexual kinks).
    1. I love long fic. They are much more likely to be memorable.
    2. Angst with good reason for it.
    3. Hurt/comfort
    4. Problematical ethics and/or loyalty. People doing the right thing for the right reason, damn the consequences, personal or intergalactic or anything in between.
    5. Out-of-the-ordinary format, point of view, structure, etc.
    6. Todd. Because everything is better with Todd.::hides::
  3. Probably obvious, but they lack things that turn me off of fiction.
    1. Excessive porn. If there's explicit sex, it's not there just for porn's sake.
    2. Excessive banter/snark. Sorry, I really don't like endless McShep sniping. I really really don't.
  4. They may have flaws, sometimes major flaws, but they're like coming home. Comfortable, heartwarming, a warm blanket to wrap myself up in when I'm sick and just want something to make me feel better.

Note: If you're on this list and I get something wrong (like your gender), please please drop me a note, comment, something, so I can fix it.

Also: [ profile] slybrarian: I am not-so-quietly making off with your "Strangely Nice Ba'al" idea and running with it. I don't think he'll actually make it onto the Daedelus though. Right now he's cuffed to a bed in the SGC infirmary. I guess this means I need to go back and actually watch seasons 8-10.

Also also: LJ hates this post. Hates hates hates.

Fic Recs. I give up on this post. I'll post a different one for HP and SW:TPM and anything else I can come up with. )
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My brain is a weird wacky place. )
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Title: We Band of Brothers
Author: thefrogg
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Ronon/Teal'c
Rating: PG13-ish
Beta: [ profile] fluffnutter and [ profile] the_dark_side
Prompt: Definitely.
Kink: Sparring/violence as foreplay. I threw in a side of voyeurism for good measure - I didn't think anyone would mind.
Disclaimer: Everyone belongs to other people. Damnit.
A/N: Set several months into Season 5. Will not make sense without a basic understanding of Teal'c's origins, and SGA S2x3 Runner, S3x4 Sateda, and S4x17 Midway. Scenes in italics are flashbacks.
A/N 2: There was supposed to be smut in here. Tadd had other ideas.::whine::
Summary: Sometimes losing control takes some help.

Need something? )


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