Aug. 22nd, 2008 08:59 pm
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I sooo don't need another SGA 'verse.


::goes back to work on Rose!verse::
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Things to write/finish/do:

  • [profile] the_dark_side  's Hotch/Morgan old wounds fic, post-Lo-Fi.

  • Stop waffling and post my "fandom has taught me" list. Yes, I know it's been done before.

  • Where We Live

  • The final frontier SGA rarepairing fic.

  • Meta:
    • Experimentalism in Mainstream Fandom
    • Foreign Languages in fic
    • Sexual abuse, dominance, and roles

  • Team Lorne were-otter fic, inspired by ana-grrrl's Respectful of Otters

  • Pick a [community profile] rounds_of_kink  prompt for round 7 and write it  Irredeemable and working on one for Criminal Minds. The things I do for banners.
...my Mountain Dew tastes funny.
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I don't know what I'm writing.

Bad!fic?  Crack!fic?

Bad!Crack!fic?  Crack!Bad!fic?

Let's not forget that I don't write crack-y crack!fic.  Nooooo.  I write everything seriously.  Even ::gasp:: tentacle!porn.  In a COP DRAMA fandom.

I am so ashamed.::hangs head::

Tadd:  No you're not.
Me:  Shut up. This is all your fault.
Tadd:  No it's not.
Me:  *wail*
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I think I've conquered the monstrosity that was the epic SGA Todd-fic plotline Tadd dropped on my head a few weekends ago.

Before you start cheering about that, the only reason that particular monstrosity has (hopefully) been banished to the 'will not be written' closet is because Tadd dropped the monstrosity that is Where We Live, my Lorne/Todd fic.  ::facepalms::  I suppose the fact that I've written almost 7000 words since I started says something...  BTW, cookies to [personal profile] ohpuppies for the title.

Yes, this means that OI&E is still out of commission.  I have...um.  Two?  maybe?  fics started and unfinished.  Someone needs to start a meta guide to that series, because I seriously think I've forgotten more meta for it than...well.  Let's not go there.  I'm not sure Logical Patterns can be finished at this point.  Mainly because I think I forgot what the point of the story was.

Psychecentric Space seems to be finished, and the trilogy IS finished; apparently my betas think there are unresolved issues.  Nevermind that I left those issues unresolved on purpose.  But I don't WANNA fix Morgan!::whine::  He's so pretty when he's broken...::pets::

I still have the tag to...damnit, I always forget the ep title.  Scared to Death.  That's it.  Partially written.  I don't have a clue whether or not I'll finish it.

To be honest, I haven't thought about the In Search of Peace/Shattered Reflections/Through a Bloody Looking Glass series in a long time; maybe another round of [community profile] rounds_of_kink will spark that bunny again.  I'd like to write more, particularly in the Shattered Reflections timeline, but the urge is not there for it.

I have the beginning of the next Salt!verse installment written.  Unfortunately, I keep running through it in my head at work or in the car, and not being able to get a word down once I have my computer or pencil/paper in front of me.  Situation's pretty similar with Bloody Bandaids, except I think I've written myself into a corner and damned if I know how to get out; I don't think my usual trick of amputating a few paragraphs and trying a different direction is going to work this time.

::twitch::  Before I go to work, I have a question to ask you guys.  I've been working feverishly on Where We Live, including reworking parts of The Kindred, part II.  Which, chronologically speaking in WWL, will not happen for a while yet.  I have this bad habit of writing the scenes that interest me, instead of whatever happens next;  I promised myself I'd quit doing that, but obviously, I failed.  Would anyone be interested in my posting those scenes as kind of, I don't know, outtakes?  (BTW, for those of you who've been anxiously waiting, yes, I'm working on part two.)


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