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...that all of my currently-obsessive storylines - 4 Figure Skating RPS, 1 Final Fantasy VII - have to do with shapeshifting/people not being human?


1) Acceptance is a Four-Letter Word - Johnny Weir is a half-dolphin shapeshifter
2) The weird figure skating pseudo-werewolf story, or as I like to call it, the Everyone But Scott Hamilton story.
3) Johnny Weir is...uh.  Sort of sharing the body/life of a naga, and Evan finds out the hard way.  Yeah, I'm not too keen on trying to write this one.
4) Johnny Weir didn't take this coming season off to reinvent himself.  He took this season off because he's a fairy and sick (read: fading) and desperately trying to save his own life.  Either that, or to get the hell out of the spotlight before he ceases to exist.  Stephane figured this out years ago and comes to Johnny's rescue whether he likes it or not.
5) The weird FFVII pseudo-werewolf story.

Yeah.  I blame [ profile] beren_writes.
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He's trying to make me write angry h/c sex (as in, beat-each-other-up-and-then-fuck) in the *rain*...

Only it's Angeal/Zack and the one who's angry and not on the bottom.


I'm blaming Clover27's video here:

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Okay, here we go!

Writing Stuff )
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So I've been watching Numb3rs.

And now Tadd's trying to figure out how to get Castiel, Colby Granger, and Evan Lorne in bed together.

This is the sound of my head hitting the desk.
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I don't know what I'm writing.

Bad!fic?  Crack!fic?

Bad!Crack!fic?  Crack!Bad!fic?

Let's not forget that I don't write crack-y crack!fic.  Nooooo.  I write everything seriously.  Even ::gasp:: tentacle!porn.  In a COP DRAMA fandom.

I am so ashamed.::hangs head::

Tadd:  No you're not.
Me:  Shut up. This is all your fault.
Tadd:  No it's not.
Me:  *wail*
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Has anyone else noticed that Teyla is a female cross between Yoda and Jonathon Kent?

::glares at Tadd::
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I want mine to shut up, go away, or ::gasp:: behave.

I've watched all four seasons of Stargate: Atlantis (and most of the first two of Stargate: SG-1) in the last several weeks.  Is it just me, or is SG-1 weak compared to SGA?  I can't seem to get into SG-1 very much.

Also - WHY IS THERE NO TODD-FIC?!  My two favorite SGA characters are Carson Beckett and Todd.  And Carson gets killed after the first ep Todd shows up in, and Todd doesn't even have a NAME until season four.  So, of course, Tadd has to drop a huge plotbunny on my head which requires A) going AU during Season 4 and B) having Carson Beckett alive.

Which means A) I can muck up the timeline, B) I can bring Carson Beckett back from the dead (which would probably include bringing Weir back, too, since as far as Mary Sues go, I prefer Weir to Carter), or C) well...I can just ignore Sunday.

Someone shoot me now.

Or give me Todd-fic.

P.S.  If anyone has AIM/yahoo im and doesn't mind potentially beta-reading or listening to me bitch/helping me iron stuff out, feel free to let me know.  It's kind of pointless if my beta readers don't follow the series.::grumble::
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Ok, well, I hope you guys like Supernatural as much as Criminal Minds, because Tadd keeps giving me ideas.  And Sam and Dean are just yum.  Is there such thing as a "# ways Dean gets out of the Deal" challenge?  Because I already wrote one, and I have ideas for two others so far.  One borrowing from Steven Brust, and the other being a huge pun/play on words.

Tadd also keeps giving me crack titles for uber!angst stories, like Gratuitous Abuse of Loopholes and Hell in a Handbasket, although I blame the latter on [ profile] tru_faith_lost.  The fact that Loopholes was supposed to be a crack!fic one-shot?  Matters not at all.  Sam and Dean were supposed to thumb their noses at the crossroads demon and go driving off into the sunset together.  Instead, I've got Dean all clingy and crying in Sam's arms.::sigh::  Right now those two are part of the Salt!verse...I don't know if I'll keep that name, but it's what came to mind.  Someone give me something better.

Tadd has this bad habit of making mountains out of molehills.  Look what happened with Knowledge and Innocence.

I finally dealt with Haley's Knowing Too Much (TM).  It's hard as hell trying to work little tidbits into stories without it coming across as a two-by-four to the back of the head.

I need to start writing down meta.  Really.  Especially in OI&E.  I think I've forgotten more OI&E meta than I currently know.  And that's damn scary.

So.  Emily's disintegrating.  Haley still knows too much.  JJ's being all pissy and jealous and protective.  Good god, Rossi's trying to pay a visit to the BAU.  Even though Gideon's not leaving.  Just so I can have him open mouth, insert foot.  I think my patent dislike of Rossi - make that bitter hatred - has made itself known.  I just want him to make a total ass of himself in front of Hotch.  The fact that Morgan wants to put a fist through Rossi's face is just a bonus.

OI&E is coming along slowly.  Like molasses.  That's been refrigerated.  It probably doesn't help that there haven't been new eps for a couple weeks now, or that I've caught up with Supernatural - I think I watched about 18 episodes in 36 hours.  And I really don't have the urge to do the same with Criminal Minds.  Right now I'm working on downloading Stargate SG-1.  I watched the pilot (again), and I've seen a handful of the early eps.  I might just end up taking a break from OI&E and work on the Salt!verse.  Or something else.  I have a Gideon/Reid/Hotch challenge I need to do for the Rounds of Kink #5.  The lead-in is there; the actual smut part, not so much.  I've left it to simmer while I work on Bloody Bandaids.  Nothing like knifeplay to get the blood flowing.  Pun intended.

I dunno.  As much angst as there is in OI&E, the boys and girls in the BAU just don't do angst like Sam and Dean do.  At least, Tadd's not giving me more skin!hunger type clinging stuff for OI&E.  Blah.

In other news, I updated the Fic Master List.


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