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...Dear god.

I am so so so damn sorry this has been left blank.  Again.*facepalm*

Um.  My only excuse here is that I work for the Board of Elections and I completely forgot this existed/needed to be filled out over the course of the local election process (which for stretched well into November) and since I migrated almost entirely to AO3/Tumblr, I rarely check here.

There is some good news:  I'm not picky.  I will be happy with anything, because I love the whole gifting deal, and I totally understand about having no prompts to work from or anything.  And I love the thought of someone out there writing something specifically for me.  So don't fret about that. I will be tickled pink just to have a notice "You have a gift!" in my email.

THAT SAID.  If you're like me, and have had writer's block or "WHAT AM I GOING TO WRITE" or pretending it doesn't exist, or haven't started for any reason whatsoever, have some additional information:

I am very much a fan of slash, and fairly indiscriminate on pairings.  Het is okay too.  Poly is just dandy.  While there are pairings I prefer/ship, I don't have OTP(s) in any fandom.  Obviously I don't know what fandom(s) you're writing, so in case character requests didn't make preferences obvious:

Voltron:  Keith/Sven, or OT5/OT6 (Sven and/or Allura, take your pick or both), [ETA:  Keith/Lance, I don't know how I forgot my main slash pairing in this fandom other than absolute mortification)
Eureka:  Jack/Nathan
Sky High:  Warren/Will

I have no particular non-canonical ships in Enchantment Emporium, Despicable Me (2), or Galaxy Quest.

Overall, I love fusions with the Sentinel or His Dark Materials (in that everyone has a daemon).  I love fluff and domesticity and hurt/comfort.

Enchantment Emporium:  I'd love to see the fallout from Catherine's manipulation on Michael's relationship.  Or Jack trying to learn/get along in the human world according to human rules.

Despicable Me:  I love the minions.  I love the minions and Dr. Nefario.  Aww, shucks, I love everyone in these movies (except the bad guy).  I'd love to see Gru and Lucy actually go on a date.  And maybe have it be crashed by the girls and/or a minion or three.

Eureka, Galaxy Quest, Voltron, and Sky High I'm actually drawing a blank, other than maybe something holiday themed (I'm Jewish myself, so throwing in some Hannukkah traditions with the Christmas/etc. might be nice, but hey.).  Letters to/from home?  Sharing traditions (I can't imagine Jane Doe doesn't have some...)

...I hope this helps?  A little?  Maybe?

I'm really sorry.
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Okay.  Um.

A)  I am sooo sorry.  I totally forgot about this.  If you've started writing already, I promise you I will be tickled pink with whatever it is!

B)  If you're like me and pretending that yuletide doesn't actually exist until something hits you over the head, here's a few suggestions:


John's a superhero; Ray likes asking Mary about the people and events in ages past.  Why isn't/wasn't John a superhero before he lost his memory?  Why isn't Mary one now, since they both have the capability?


From my (admittedly dim since I haven't watched in ages) recollections, it's always Macgyver going to Jack's rescue.  Has it ever been the other way around?  (I'd prefer no slash between the two, but see A for more details.)

MI4 Ghost Protocol:

Downtime.  Ethan and Brandt (I don't know why my brain calls Ethan by his first name and Brandt by his last, but whatever.) are ordered to spend downtime together to try and get rid of the leftover tension (Croatia, a conflict over how to handle some problem(s) on a FUBARed mission, something) between them before it gets someone killed.  So they go on vacation together, supposedly, but they're really really bad at it.  Cue shenanegans - strangers thinking they're a couple (maybe cluing them in that maybe they should be), them tripping over a case of some sort, inadvertently starting a bar brawl...your choice.


I...have absolutely no clue.


Oct. 26th, 2012 08:18 pm
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I've managed to finish another 12,538 word fic, full of angst, ass-kicking, sneaking around, GO TEAM, smut, and magic.  Go me!

No, you can't read it until next month.  Being as it's my submission for [ profile] avengersfest
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Apparently, I can write long fic. I just need people to kick my ass all the way to The End. Posted over at AO3 because I am lazy and don't want to mess with 50+K words on LJ.

Artist: [ profile] rosalui
Art Prompt Title: Everyone's Clint Barton Undercover

Author: [ profile] thefrogg
Fic Title: In Days of Grief and Soul-Borne Storm
Pairing(s): Clint Barton/Phil Coulson/Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton/Ethan Hunt, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers
Rating: NC-17
Universe: Marvel Movieverse/Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol/The Hurt Locker/S.W.A.T. and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it X-Men reference
Word Count: 51,321 according to AO3
Warnings: D/s, subspace, suicidal ideation, talk of past suicide attempt(s), symptoms of PTSD
Summary: Undercover agents don't leave a lot of friends behind. When Clint's face gets plastered all over the news and internet in the wake of the Chitauri invasion of Manhattan, Clint's left to deal with not only the aftermath of Loki's mind control, but the best, and the worst, of his past missions for SHIELD.
Notes: This is the first story over 10k I've ever managed to finish, and I can't thank my support team enough: [ profile] vampkilmer[ profile] indywind, and [ profile] gwynraven for helping hash out the storyline, beta-reading, and generally listening to me whine; orderly_chaos, [ profile] arabwel[ profile] ladydeathfaerie[ profile] ktnb[ profile] dizmo and the rest of the feelschat crew for cheerleading, a timely kick in the butt when necessary, and generally being there to answer inane questions I should know the answer to; and salmon_slayer for the Russian endearments (and curse words even though they never got used). I'd also like to thank the community mods for their patience - this got posted later than I thought it would. And of course, this story would not have been written at all without the gorgeous gorgeous banners and incredible video done by my artist, [ profile] rosalui.

Link to art masterpost: Everyone's Clint Barton Undercover
Link to fic masterpost: In Days of Grief and Soul-Borne Storm
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Title: None yet
Author:  [ profile] thefrogg
Fandom:  The Avengers (2012)
Beta:  None
Pairings:  Clint/Everyone, OT6, Tony/Natasha
Warnings:  One small spoiler for what most of fandom insists didn't actually happen.
Author's Note:  Because this is an excerpt, I'll go ahead and say that the only person on the team who knew Clint's an Omega before the story starts is Clint.
Summary:  Clint's perfectly happy being the only Omega on a team of Alphas. They're all on suppressants anyways.

At least until the villain-of-the-week invents a weaponized neutralizer.

The Morning After )
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Somehow that never seems to stop me from writing Voltron: Defender of the Universe slash.

I hate my muse.


Jan. 19th, 2012 08:34 pm
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For some reason I have this really disturbing urge to write a The West Wing/The Sentinel crossover. *sigh*
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Fic:  Untitled (1/?)
Author:  [ profile] thefrogg
Beta:  None
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: If I owned them, I wouldn't be writing fanfic.
Author's Note: Established Hotch/Morgan. AU. Weirdness (although weird is the new normal for me I guess.)  Needs a title.  (And a beta reader.)
Summary:  Hotch can't keep going like this.  Dave takes steps to remedy that.

Have you told him? )
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Some of you may have seen my post on [ profile] cmficfinders asking for any CM Wing!fic that may have been written while I've been out of the loop.

This is just...a snippet of why.  I'm working on it, I'm still working out the AU mythos, etc.  But I thought you might get a kick out of it.

Also, it needs a title.

Unbetaed Preview )
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Tidbits )
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Title:  Logical Assumptions  (1/2)
Series: Of Innocence and Empathy
Author: [ profile] thefrogg
Beta: [ profile] fluffnutter
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Damnit.
Author's Note:  Picks up immediately after Unwanted Resources.  It would probably make more sense if that were read first.

You can't help me. )
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Title: Missing from the World
Series: Of Innocence and Empathy (prequel to)
Author: Frogg
Beta: none
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Damnit.
Author's Note: Occurs ~ a year before Criminal Minds, or 8 months before The Wisdom of Silence
Author's Other Note:  This is the first in a sort of side-series of stories within the OI&E universe which will make more sense when more are written.  Although you can probably piece together spoilers from some of the listed-but-not-written stories in the new big damn table of contents.

JJ called a meet, we got a case. )
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Title: No Good Scheme Goes Unpunished, or When Sporks Fly, Chapter 6
Authors: [ profile] fluffnutter and [ profile] thefrogg
Fandom: NCIS
Beta: Each other?
Pairing: Gibbs/Tony
Warnings: Hurt/comfort, well-meaning hostage taking, coarse language, m/m sex
Summary: Abby, Ziva and McGee think Gibbs and Tony need to confess their true feelings to one another and set up a plan to force them together. Hilarity and angst ensue.

Ducky hit me. )
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Title: The Wisdom of Silence
Series: Of Innocence and Empathy
Author: Frogg
Beta: None
Rating: FRT-13
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Damnit.
Author's Note: I haven't written - okay, I haven't finished - a story in Of Innocence and Empathy since early '09, so please keep that in mind that I am extremely rusty. Suggestions and/or constructive criticism are welcome and I totally reserve the right to yank and rework if necessary.
Summary: ~4 months prior to the beginning of Criminal Minds the series, Gideon gets a message.

It was enough. )
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Just because.  I still don't think I have everything added. And yes, feel free to suggest titles.

Timeline )
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And a friend sent me this link and drove me to tears:

I checked out the other recent photos in there, and it's heartbreaking what we're seeing in the actual news.
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I have at least 22 more chapters of OI&E to add to my timeline.

Tadd isn't feeding me anything else lately.



Dec. 16th, 2010 05:10 pm
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2 or 3 people well-versed -- RECENTLY well-versed -- in the Of Innocence and Empathy universe.

Logical Assumptions (picks up where Unwanted Resources left off) is partially written, but I'm really really really squeamish about it because I haven't touched this universe in so. damn. long.


(Yes, [ profile] fluffnutter, I know you're willing to, but you have finals and two 20-page papers due.  Talk to me after you get some SLEEEEEEEP.)


Dec. 10th, 2010 12:09 am
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::updates the Of Innocence and Empathy timeline and table of contents and wanders off::


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